Surveys, Customer Interviews, and Snooping Online: Customer Research

Surveys, Customer Interviews, and Snooping Online: Customer Research | Raleigh

About this workshop

You might have heard that personas are a must if you want to market effectively… and then realized that a list of demographic data is just not that useful.

Ready to go beyond “My ideal client has 2 dogs” and get into his/her head to understand the way they think about your products of services – and what can persuade them to work with you?

Register for this event to learn how to use surveys, customer interviews and online research to get content ideas, uncover real problems your customers are experiencing, find out how to market to them, and improve your website copy.


  • Find out how big-name copywriters use research in multiple ways, from messaging to sales copy
  • Take your online snooping skills to the next level with research templates
  • Leave with new ideas of how to use your newfound empathy in content, website copy, and emails
  • Plan your next step of customer research journey – and questions you’ll need to ask

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