Stress Management + Mindfulness Workshop | Online

Stress Management + Mindfulness Workshop | Online | Adelaide

About this workshop

"In our culture of 24/7 connectivity, taking a step back and resting the mind is vital to re-energise. Successful and happy people know just being busy all the time will lead to missed opportunities and lack of clarity and insight. You need mental space to be creative and focused.

Join Charlotte Messervy as she unpacks the mindless way we typically live our lives and makes the case for a mindset change. Mindfulness is presented in both simple practises and an overall perspective shift around where we focus our attention. Charlotte shares her personal and professional experiences which have enabled a more grounded and productive life.


Discover what mindfulness and why you should be practising it Identify and unpack your self-limiting beliefs using mindfulness techniques Gain perspective on how to integrate technology into your life in a way that serves you rather than dominates your time Pick up tips on developing a regular mindfulness practice that’s fun, relaxing and energising"

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