StartupSmart Podcast Series Launch: The Audacity to Fail

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StartupSmart Podcast Series Launch: The Audacity to Fail | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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Join us at the launch of StartupSmart’s new podcast series ‘The Audacity to Fail’ celebrating leading entrepreneurs and their most memorable failures In the world’s most advanced startup ecosystems, founding and failing go hand in hand.

In the upcoming podcast series ‘The Audacity to Fail’, StartupSmart sits down with some of Australia’s most celebrated entrepreneurs as they reveal personal accounts of failure, the impact it had on them and their businesses, and how it continues to be a part of their journey to this day.

What does failure mean? How can it affect your business? What can you learn from it? How do you get back up? How do you do it well? Join StartupSmart at the podcast launch for a discussion of the science of failing, meet some of the podcast guests and help spark a new conversation on failure.

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