Spill the Proper-tea: How to buy your second property

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Spill the Proper-tea: How to buy your second property | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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They say your first property is the most important property move you’ll make, but that really just isn’t true. The most important things are the moves you make next.

How you structure your mortgage, if/how you pay down debt, what and when you buy next - all these elements are basically the main things that drive whether you’re heading toward money mediocrity or continuing to build your money momentum.

In this session, we’ll cover the key principles making a smart second step on the property ladder, how to avoid common property pitfalls, and what you can do to get to the next level in your property journey.


  • How you can use the bank’s money to grow a second income stream
  • When you should be pulling the trigger on your second property purchase
  • How to structure your debt to optimise your tax position.

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