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ShiftED: Funding a Career Change – Scholarships, ISAs and More | Columbus

About this event

Are you looking to change your career, but unsure you can foot the bill? You might be eligible for tuition deferment through GA's income share agreement program or some of our available scholarships. Financial hurdles shouldn't keep you from taking this opportunity. During this discussion, we will discuss available scholarships and financing plans options for funding your career transition.

Have you hear about the income share agreement program? Here’s how it works: - Focus on class, not costs: An ISA allows you to learn new skills and land a job first and foremost. Your payment plan begins only once you’ve landed a job making $40,000 or more. - Manageable increments: After you’ve reached the minimum income threshold, you’ll start paying back 10% percent of your monthly earned income over 48 months. - Bank on yourself: Our team + your ambition = great success. Have confidence in your ability to graduate and break into a new field without worrying about emptying your savings account. - Learn more about GA’s income share agreement (ISA) program, Catalyst. An ISA can be utilized for our Data Science, Software Engineering, and UX Design immersives.

Join us for a candid conversation with the experts and learn about how you can join this momentum and start your career in tech.

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