Scaling 101: How to Grow Your Team Without Losing Your Culture

Scaling 101: How to Grow Your Team Without Losing Your Culture | Dallas

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Event Overview: Building a startup can feel like running a never-ending marathon... The pressure to hit quarterly numbers. The race to hire the best before the competition gets them. The last-minute fixes that inevitably lead to more last-minute fixes. With so many balls in the air, it’s tough to step back and look at the organization.

But to grow sustainably, startups need to create structure for their people - or bad things happen. New hires get frustrated and leave before they ramp up. Teams grow organically, only to find later that their star players are overworked and on the verge of burnout.

Together with our partners at For the Win, we'll bring together experts in HR, design, technology, and recruiting to discuss what happens after the offer letter. How do we pass on the culture once we’re too big for the founders to be hands-on with every new hire?

What You'll Take Away: During this panel discussion, we’ll discuss the different ways to build structures that support your team as you scale.

1) Taking onboarding beyond the basics - What goes into a new hire experience? - How can we go beyond compliance to instill a sense of culture, clarify expectations, and build a supportive community around new hires?

2) Preserving values over time: - How can we better articulate our values as we bring in lots of new people with diverse perspectives? - How do we decide what to change, and what to keep?

Why It Matters: Scaling is hard, and the war for talent is only getting worse. According to Gallup, 51% of employees say they're actively looking or watching for openings, and 35% report changing jobs in the past 3 years. And turnover is expensive, too: estimates go as high as 200% of annual salary, per the Center for American Progress.

To scale effectively, startups need to attract great people and keep them. That starts with having a clear sense of their values and a culture that gets better, not worse, as they grow.

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