[RESET FEST] Get The Kickass Role You Want in 2022 | Adelaide

About this event

It is often really difficult to know how to get the role you want. A role that ignites passion, purpose, and satisfaction. If you don’t have answers right away, you’re not alone. Many people face countless rejections at the application and interview stage with no clear understanding of how to move forward.

We often don’t have the time, tools, or guidance to find a clear answer. Getting the role you want requires insight and confidence.

This session will help you refocus and take actionable steps towards a fulfilling career. In our exclusive, empowering session, we’ll walk you through strategic exercises designed to sharpen your approach bringing impact to your role search and longterm professional journey. Join our expert career coach at this inspiring session and get the role you want.

Who is this event for? Anyone:

  • Considering a role or career change
  • Not sure how to move forward with their career
  • Who finds the recruitment process unfair or a bit of a mystery
  • Anyone planning for the future

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