Purpose-Driven Innovation: What Are The Trends To Thrive In 2030?

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Purpose-Driven Innovation: What Are The Trends To Thrive In 2030? | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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In recent years, we have observed dramatic changes in the ways consumers live and interact. In 2020, the pandemic accelerated trends that were already predicted and underway. Parallel to these trends, there have been brands that have successfully moved up a gear in understanding how attitudes and behaviors have shifted and redesigned their business processes.

However, trends will always remain trends without concrete organizational actions to take actions, analyze the resulting insights, and innovate accordingly.

In this session, Livia will present Trendwatching's proprietary methodology - Purpose-Driven Innovation - that will inspire you to go from trends and insights to actual innovations. You will leave the room with actionable knowledge of how basic needs, drivers of change and innovations interact to influence consumers' behaviours and decisions, plus three global trends that will have a direct impact in the APAC region.

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