Product Week | The Only Way Is Up: Lessons From Failed Products | Online

About this event

The immense negative feelings that come with failure might be hard to get past but the best lessons are the ones learnt from failure. It is important to learn from failures and be transparent and objective in accepting and understanding failures as they give us important lessons for future actions and decisions.

Product failures are no exception. They can teach product managers innumerable lessons, such as learning from ideas that were not fully thought through or products with much potential yet failed to take off due to either bad timing, a lack of value-added offerings, poor quality or too little user focus.

If youโ€™re an aspiring entrepreneur or product manager, join us for this upcoming webinar on valuable lessons on failure in products and how you can avoid them when building your next big product. We will delve into the stories of failed products and the valuable takeaways by founders and business leaders who grew from these setbacks to create future success.

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