Product Week I How to Prospect, Pitch, and Close the Deal in 2021 | Tampa

About this event

Sales is the life blood of every business. But with targets to hit, competitors trying to steal that deal, and colleagues vying to become the company's top performer, staying ahead of the curve isn't easy.

You need to be constantly looking for ways to learn new skills or gain new insights that you can bring to the business.

Before you stand a chance of making an effective cold call, you need a well thought-out approach. Thinking carefully about “when” and “who” can significantly increase your chances of success. You then need to know how to handle and follow up the call, and close the deal.

Join General Assembly as we host some of the best sales leaders across industries.


  1. How has cold-calling evolved in the era of social media
  2. What is social selling, and what are some best practices?
  3. Perfecting your company's sales pitch
  4. Tricks and tips to close the deal

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