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Product Week | Essential Tech Skills for Non-Tech Product Managers | Seattle

About this event

There is no doubt that a product manager requires some level of technical knowledge. Luddites do not make good product managers. However, it is not a prerequisite for product managers to know how to code or run an SQL query on a database.

How technical a product manager should be depends on varying factors such as the type of product they’re working on, the product life cycle, and where they are at in their product career. Regardless, some level of technical knowledge and skill is critical for product managers to perform well in their role and manage winning products. So, what are the essential tech skills for non-tech product managers?

Join our panel of product experts as they discuss skills that are helpful to have in a product manager’s toolbox and how one can go about acquiring them! These skills will burnish any product manager’s resume and are applicable to nearly every segment and industry.

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