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Product Week | Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: Agile vs. Waterfall | San Jose

About this event

Agile or Waterfall? Exactly which one is better and when to use which? Both are popular software development methodologies to complete projects and the main difference lies in the collaborative element. The Waterfall Model Methodology is a linear process that follows a sequence; the team can only proceed to the next phase if the previous one has been completed. Conversely, the Agile Methodology allows for greater flexibility as phases occur simultaneously. This encourages greater communication among customers, developers, managers, and testers.

Both methodologies come with their own set of advantages (and shortcomings) and neither is superior nor preferred to the other. To determine which is the better of the two depends on a variety of factors like the nature of a project and its stakeholders.

Join us on this event to learn the main differences between the two methodologies, their respective pros and cons, and how to select the most suitable one (or combination of both) for a successful product delivery.

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