Product Analytics 101 - Improve Customer Engagement & Retention

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Product Analytics 101 - Improve Customer Engagement & Retention | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Behind every great product is a brilliant product team...AND well-analyzed data that enables the team to better understand their users and optimize the customer experience by improving product features and making better products. But how does a product team get there? Part of the answer lies in the exciting world of product analytics.

The most successful product teams are able to harness the power of product analytics by asking the right questions to users, collecting the necessary data, and turning this data into actionable insights that guide their next steps. In fact, studies have shown that companies which rely on product analytics are likely to be far more profitable than their competitors.

If you are a product leader, designer, developer or even part of the product marketing team, join our expert for this 1 hour essential guide to product analytics where you will learn: + What is Product Analytics & why is it useful? + How to use Product Analytics to learn more about your user and ensure long-term user retention? + What are some objective metrics to pick to measure product success?

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