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[PRESS PLAY] Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Need a Career Change After All

[PRESS PLAY] Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Need a Career Change After All | Minneapolis

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Are you thinking of a career change but you can’t decide what’s next? You’ve got ideas but you've been going round in circles and now you’ve got paralysis by analysis? Time to get out of your own head and come to this workshop. We will tackle the career change question from 3 different angles.

We will look at: 1. What blocks your thinking 2. What opens your thinking 3. What propels action This workshop is designed to shake up your thinking, get you unblocked, unstuck and give you the inspiration you need to take action.

This is for you if: * You are in a job you hate, want to jump ship quick but don’t know where * You’re returning back to work after a break * You’re in a job you like but you’ve lost the passion for it. Hosted by Dina Grishin, life and career coach, who has helped over a thousand clients get unstuck, get crystal clear on what they want, get unshakeable confidence and get the positivity and momentum they need to take consistent action. 

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