[PRESS PLAY]  Mastering Effective Communication as A Product Manager

[PRESS PLAY] Mastering Effective Communication as A Product Manager | Brisbane

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Lots of hards skills are required in the path to becoming a great product manager, the usual suspects being coding, data analytics, user experience design and digital marketing. However, the crucial skill that sets great product managers apart and plays a key roll in any product manager’s success is actually effective communication.

Sitting at the epicenter of most organizations, product managers spend much of their time communicating ideas, plans, designs, and tasks to multiple teams. This includes everything from emails communicating strategic decisions, to presentations communicating roadmaps, to specs communicating designs, to bug tickets communicating errors. With so many moving parts to take care of, product managers need to be adept at effective communication in order to successfully lead cross-functional teams to launch and improve products that customers love.

It’s no easy feat to master this soft skill, but our speakers might know just how you can get there. Join our product experts as they walk you through why effective communication is vital to product managers and how product managers can better communicate with stakeholders to drive and achieve product success.

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This is a 1hr pre-recorded session, no preparation is required. You can watch in your own time.

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