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β€œDo your things spark joy?” was a liberating mantra that echoed throughout 2020. Going into 2021, the same expression is one that should be taken seriously concerning your career trajectory.

We know that our productivity levels and mental wellbeing are strongly correlated with how meaningful and fulfilling we perceive our work to be. In examining our work life and relationships, many struggle with dissecting and analysing career decisions.

Clear your calendar and join us in our webinar as we help you understand the dimensions that influence joy in your career, how to prioritise your career goals and let go of what isn't serving you, and how to organise your approach to go closer to your ambitions. This is an opportune time and space for you to reflect on your career portfolio and outlook. We'll be discussing tangible steps which can be taken to help us get closer to a career that "Sparks Joy".

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This is a 1hr pre-recorded session, no preparation is required. You can watch in your own time.

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