[PRESS PLAY] Hustle Smart: Tools to Boost Daily Effectiveness & Productivity

[PRESS PLAY] Hustle Smart: Tools to Boost Daily Effectiveness & Productivity | Louisville

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Working smarter doesn’t just effect your productivity but transforms your satisfaction and well Being in work, and in life. It’s the little things that you do everyday that have the biggest Impact in your results.

Getting back one extra hour a day equals nine, 40 hour weeks, per year! What would you do with that spare time?

Get along to this event and learn how the leading teachers in the area of human potential and success, have been teaching people to master these skills to produce lasting change.


  • Why 80% of the population is dissatisfied with how they spend their time and what to do about it
  • Where to start! The four step approach
  • What not to do. Why so many approach this the wrong way
  • How to create lasting results so this isn’t just another event that changed nothing permanently!

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