[PRESS PLAY] How to Combat Career Changing Anxiety

[PRESS PLAY] How to Combat Career Changing Anxiety | Melbourne

About this event

Escape the burnout, ditch the career slump and hear from a panel of inspiring speakers about how they turned their careers around in this motivational event.

We'll discuss all things mental health and learn how to overcome external obstacles. Discover how to connect authentically with the right people, and get the perfect job by translating your unique strengths and skills into the language of your new field.

This event is for you if youโ€™re hunting for a new job, changing careers, or taking the leap to self-employment.


  • Insights into anxiety and mental health in the digital age
  • More clarity and evidence around what types of traits and actions actually lead to more successful career changes
  • Solid advice and tips on what to do to move you forward in your search for a new career

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