[PRESS PLAY] How to Change Your Career & Pursue a Career You Love

[PRESS PLAY] How to Change Your Career & Pursue a Career You Love | Toronto

About this event

After the pandemic, millions of UK workers are 'not sure' if they're in the right career. But it's one thing knowing you're not fully fired up about your work, and a whole other challenge to make a career change happen.

Over the last 11 years, we’ve helped thousands of people transition into new areas of work, teaching them the tools, tactics, and mindsets that are needed for a 21st-century career change. We know how challenging and daunting it can be to face the question of “if not this, then what?” but we’ve seen what works and will share our top advice in this event to help you manage your transition.

This workshop will help you identify what could be exciting work for you and help you identify the challenges currently holding you back from making a move into something new.

We’ll delve into personal fulfillment, proactive experiments, and taking control of the direction your career is heading, as well as sharing tactics for how to explore new areas of interest.


We will provide you with tools and ideas to help you clear the fog and overwhelm of making a big career change and help you take small practical steps towards finding the right path.

The workshop covers the following: - What isn't working for me in my career? - What type of life do I want to lead? - How do I work out what I really want to do? - How do I manage a career transition? - How do I make a plan that works for me?

Prereqs & Preparation

This event will run online and the recording will be shared with all those who register.

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