[PRESS PLAY] Get FIRED up: The Ultimate Guide to The FIRE Movement

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[PRESS PLAY] Get FIRED up: The Ultimate Guide to The FIRE Movement | Melbourne

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FIRE, short for Financial Independence, Retire Early, is a movement that gained momentum in 2018 and has since amassed a huge following. The ‘FIRE movement’ continues to heat up (pun intended) with devoted fans working towards their own financial independence goals, sometimes taking extreme measures to be able to stop trading their time for money.

To achieve FIRE is to become so financially self-sufficient that you no longer need to work to earn an income. You are able to live off your own wealth. Sounds tempting? But what are the fundamentals of FIRE and is it actually possible to achieve?

We speak to Gemma Mitchell, Founder and Financial Consultant about what it’s all about, how it works, how you can apply some or all of the FIRE principles to your own lifestyle and some of the key misconceptions of the Financial Independence, Retire Early movement.

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This is a 1hr pre-recorded session, no preparation is required. You can watch in your own time.

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