[PRESS PLAY]: Downloadable Event Series

[PRESS PLAY]: Downloadable Event Series | Minneapolis

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Register. Download. Play. These are pre-recorded sessions.

Once registering, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the video. You'll receive an email 24 hours before the recording expires.

If you're a fan of our events but can't always commit to the timings, we get it.

Introducing our Press Play Series. A series of our favourite events for you to download, store and watch in your own time.

Take a look at our offerings and click the one that most appeals to you. (Hopefully ALL of them!)

Introductory Classes. Getting Started with:

Data Analytics
Digital Marketing
Product Management
Data Science
User Experience

A little booster:

I've got 99 problems, but oozing creativity ain't one
Tools to Boost Daily Effectiveness & Productivity with Evernote
How to Navigate a Quarter Life Crisis
Own Your Story: How To Speak Up and Own Your Accomplishments
Creative Queens While In Quarantines

Career Changes / Job Search:

So You Think You Want A Career In Tech?
F*ck Being Humble Presents: CV's Made Easy
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Need a Career Change After All
A Guide to Creating the Ultimate CV

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