[PRESS PLAY] All Eyes On Me: Storytelling Techniques to Command A Crowd

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[PRESS PLAY] All Eyes On Me: Storytelling Techniques to Command A Crowd | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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Ever wonder what makes the best TED talks so unforgettable—almost magical? It’s storytelling. Storytelling isn't just a tool. It's an art and as with all forms of art, it is never easy to grasp and even harder to master. And those who manage to master this elusive art form stands to win.

In the public speaking realm, stories are the most effective and compelling way to organize information. A powerful form of communication, stories can translate ideas, move people to actions and turn them to the most fierce advocates of your ideas and insights. The human brains are hardwired to process and store information in the form of stories. This approach can improve the quality of your presentations and create a lasting impression.

Join our expert Anna as she guides you through how to tell powerful stories that stuck. You will walk away with techniques and tricks that you can test out and make your next speaking opportunity a success.

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This is a 1hr pre-recorded session, no preparation is required. You can watch in your own time.

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