[PRESS PLAY] 5 Ways To Actively Conquer Career-Changing Fear

[PRESS PLAY] 5 Ways To Actively Conquer Career-Changing Fear | Manchester

About this event

This is a pre-recorded session. Once registering, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the video. You'll receive an email 24 hours before the recording expires. Do you have a voice inside your head saying you could achieve so much more - but somehow you find yourself stuck? Being self-critical can push us to strive and excel, but the critical internal voice is not a sustainable motivator: it keeps us from growing and developing.

You'll walk away with tips and techniques to help banish those imposter feelings, gain clarity on what you want from your career, and how to get there.


  • Understand what imposter syndrome is and how to prevent it
  • Clarity on what types of traits & actions actually lead to more successful career changes
  • Solid advice and tips on what to do to move you forward in your search for a new career

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