Pivoting Into Data Science | Adelaide

About this event

Overview: It’s a data world and we’re all living in it. Does hunting for and analyzing data to predict the future sound like fun? Looking for a way to combine your love of programming and statistics? Then you may be considering taking the leap into the β€œBest Job in America.”

Our panel of local data experts breaks down the growing field of data by demystifying the difference between data science and data analytics, explaining the importance of data in business and product decisions, and highlighting ways data can advance your career.


Data experts across many industries will candidly discuss:

  • Firsthand advice, tips, and insight on how to successfully break into data
  • Various career paths, salary expectations, and future growth opportunities within the field
  • What the data job market looks like in Atlanta.
  • What a typical day looks like in a range of industries β€” from finance, to e-commerce, to health and wellness

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