Pick Me! How to Stand Out to Tech Employers

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Pick Me! How to Stand Out to Tech Employers | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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If you're trained and certified in any of the in-demand tech fields, the world should be your oyster. After all, employers are desperately seeking enough people with up-to-the-minute tech skills. More and more IT decision-makers are adding headcount yet a majority of them still express frustrations that it's no easy feat to find the right tech talent. So why is it still so hard to catch a tech recruiter's eye?

If you've been applying to what seems like hundreds of jobs with little luck, it is very possible that your resume is getting lost in the pack of the seemingly countless other applicants you're competing with. It's thus all the more important to find ways to distinguish yourself in a compelling way.

Join us for an exclusive discussion with tech recruiting experts and talent acquisition specialists for the answer to all the above! They will share about common job-hunting blunders and quality tips that can get your resume to the top of the pile. We will also dive into commonly asked questions and solid expert advice on what job seekers can do to outperform and outshine the competition.

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