Online Volunteering: Changing the Way We Give Back

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Online Volunteering: Changing the Way We Give Back | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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The current volunteer rate for the youngest working generation (millennials), is only 30%, the lowest of all employed generations.

Are millennials lazy? No.
Are they entitled? No.
Do they want a better way to volunteer that respects the fact that they are simultaneously the most time-poor and education rich generation to date? Yes.

Volunteering, like anything else, must evolve to ensure volunteer organisations are engaging the next generation of Australians and leveraging their skill-sets. There is a lack of flexibility in current volunteering opportunities, a lack of support for online volunteering, and a lack of engagement from volunteer organisations about available opportunities.

Come along and discover how Vollie is addressing this problem, and how over the past 12 months we spent our time breaking down the current volunteering experience and rebuilding it to suit the needs of young Australians who do not volunteer as much as they would like to.


Students will learn:

  • How a fast-growth startup has revolutionised volunteering
  • How to translate a product into a brand message (i.e. the value of giving your time over giving money)
  • How we uncovered the difficulties of volunteering and how we redesigned the process to suit the average Australian’s needs
  • How online volunteering can help your career by providing you with valuable experience

Prereqs & Preparation

Take a look at the activity on the Vollie platform.

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