Now or Never: How To Kick Start Your Business in 2021

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Now or Never: How To Kick Start Your Business in 2021 | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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Last year taught us that at any moment our future dreams, hopes and plans could be stripped away without any warning. Losing something you wanted or perhaps didn't want can help us to get clear on what we value most in our life. Let last year be your warning to not waste a second more waiting for 'one day' or 'the right time' and instead - just start!

If you've had a business idea swirling around in your head that you're finally ready to do something about, you're ready to take your side hustle seriously or perhaps you're determined to kick that 9-5 to the curb and find a way to work for yourself, this workshop is for you!

Together we will clear out the mindset blocks that hold us back from taking action on our dreams and I'll share with you the very next steps to take to make your business a thriving reality in 2021.

You will walk away with: clear understanding of what's holding you back and strategies to overcome the procrastination activities for how to get clear on your ideal business model tips and advice for taking massive action and getting in the game of business this year One Day or Day One? You decide!

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