No is a Full Sentence Workshop

No is a Full Sentence Workshop | Phoenix

About this event

Do you catch yourself saying yes when you’d much rather say no – but somehow you just can’t? Maybe it feels wrong to you to let people down. Maybe you are afraid of what happens if you don’t comply. But then you may feel resentful and even beat yourself up for agreeing and being such a people-pleaser. Many of us are – which is very understandable because as humans we are social creatures. We want to be liked and validated. But if that desire negatively impacts our authenticity and/or our health, it’s time to say STOP.


In this workshop, we will talk about what turned us into people-pleasers and about how to set healthy boundaries in a way that actually benefits our relationships with others. You will leave with an actionable list of strategies and tools that can help you make positive changes and allow you to take charge of your life, one boundary at a time.

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