[New Orleans] Break Into Tech at Any Age, Career Stage & Even With No Experience

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[New Orleans] Break Into Tech at Any Age, Career Stage & Even With No Experience | New Orleans

Past Locations for this Event

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The tech industry is growing at a rapid pace and technology skills are in high demand. A lack of skilled professionals means that you get to define your own career trajectory. General Assembly has helped 14k adults break into tech. Our courses in Data Science, Coding and UX design help curious folks from all walks of life break into tech. Whether you're a barista, musician, architect, uni student, accountant or hair dresser, there's an opportunity in tech for you.

We’ve worked with thousands of job seekers--many of whom are looking to break into tech for the first time. And when we ask what barriers they perceive about breaking into tech, we hear things like: being too old, being too young, not having enough experience, having too much experience, not wanting to “start over”, and not knowing if there’s space for YOU specifically in the tech industry. The truth? You do belong!

Regardless of your target role or age, we believe there is a place for EVERYONE in the tech industry. That doesn’t mean every company is a match, but the truth is: you don’t need every company to be a match. So whether you are fresh out of an educational program, burnt out in your current career, don’t have a degree, or at the end of your career (and all of the spaces in between), we want you to join us.

Join us for a candid conversation with the experts and learn about how you can join this momentum and start your career in tech.

So how can you finance your career at GA to find a path you love? Financial hurdles shouldn't keep you from taking this opportunity. During this discussion, we will also discuss scholarships and financing plans options for funding your career transition.

Agenda: 12-12:40pm - Panel discussion 12:40-1pm - Q&A


  • Learn more about the opportunities available in tech in Tucson
  • Learn why innovative training for the in-demand fields of today’s rapidly changing technological economy isn't so scary
  • Tips on how to get started and financial resources to kickstart your own tech career journey

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