Meeting the Challenges of Raising Angel Capital in Asia

Past Locations for this Workshop

Meeting the Challenges of Raising Angel Capital in Asia

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Facebook’s IPO at a valuation of USD100Bn, the successful IPOs of LinkedIn & GroupOn, and the purchase of Instagram by Facebook at a USD1Bn valuation, are often cited as examples of success for entrepreneurs to emulate. A key element of the success of these start-up greats, has been their ability to raise capital in their early stages of growth and development, from angels and early stage VCs. Unfortunately for entrepreneurs not in ‘the Valley’, raising early stage capital is not as easy as having a slick pitch for investors.

If you are an entrepreneur, start-up founder or SME leader and are looking to raise capital from angels and early stage investors, this is a great opportunity to hear what angels are looking for and how to meet their needs.


  • Understanding Early Stage Capital:

o Find the sources of early stage capital and their needs

o FInd out the expectations of Angel investors.

o Know the difference between Angels and VCs

  • Answering the three questions investors have:

o So What? - Show me your value proposition?

o Who Cares? - Show me the market & the customers?

o Why You? - Show me the team that is going to make it happen?

  • Shopping your deal:

o The Pitch - crafting a pitch & presentation deck

o Selling the plan - creating a substantial case for investment

o Pitch to Deal - plan to move from the pitch through to the deal

Prereqs & Preparation


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