Making $$ Moves: Financial Adulting & Money Management | With Haley Sacks | Online

About this event

The past year has been difficult to say the least. Especially for women and their wallets. With Covid-19 and the ensuing “shecession,” it’s never been more important to take control of your finances and start learning the tools to work toward your big money goals. From budgeting to dealing with debt, to saving, to investing, now is the time to get your finances together and grow your wealth.

The best way to start making progress toward those goals — and to ease money-related stress — is to get a crystal-clear picture of your financial situation and priorities. Whether you know a lot or a little about financial “adulting,” we have you covered.

This live, 60-minute online workshop is a must for anyone who is ready to say goodbye to debt, start saving and get confident with their money management.


What you’ll learn:

  • Practical tips to get your money priorities in check

  • How to get over the intimidation of personal finances and budgeting

  • Ways to budget for debt payments and ditch that debt once and for all

  • High-level investing basics

  • How much to invest, and how to fit it into your budget

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