Lunch and Learn: Visual Design Hacks for Non-Designers

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Lunch and Learn: Visual Design Hacks for Non-Designers | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Event

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When designing products and services, great visual design leads to higher perceived value. "Make it look good" and "Make it look designy" are some things commonly heard in companies, big and small, among both engineers and business developers. In the search for great design, the myth often encountered is that there are only a gifted few who are great designers -- sometimes even referred to as "the unicorns." This is absolutely not true. Anyone can become a great designer with the right training and exposure. People in charge of products, developers, engineers, and business developers can also benefit greatly by learning these hacks. This class takes a crack at tips, tricks, and shortcuts to creating great visual designs.


  • Insider tips and tricks on how to create great visual designs
  • Actionable to-dos on how to develop good taste and design sensibilities
  • Confidence in creative and visual design capabilities

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