Loud & Proud: Improving Your Presentation Game for Pause 2017

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Loud & Proud: Improving Your Presentation Game for Pause 2017 | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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It’s said that more people have a fear public speaking than of death. But it doesn’t have to quite so dramatic. Get some practical techniques in this class to help you present with more influence and confidence.

Sharing an idea, pitching for investment, interviewing for a job, or delivering a keynote – all of these things require some degree of public speaking.

In this class, we’ll discuss techniques for presenting to large and small audiences, ways to appear more confident – even when you’re not, tricks to help you speak without notes – and finally, how to tap into storytelling to build your influence.

This class is great for anyone who has ever struggled with presenting to an audience, or who wants to improve their impact when presenting.


  • Embrace the fear!
  • Presentation techniques for different types of audiences
  • Discover how simple body language can project more confidence
  • Storytelling as a powerful influencing tool

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