Looking Ahead: What Tech Investors are Betting on in 2022 | Melbourne

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As we are in the final quarter of 2021, now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to look ahead and understand what technology investors are betting on and which field is prime for the next big venture.

The technology sector is vast, comprising cloud computing, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and much more. With the development of these technologies, our lives are constantly changing and adapting. For many individuals and organisations, we have learnt that truly transformative change is not as difficult to implement as one might think. Predicting the future in technology can possibly help you in decision-making.

So, what technological trends should we pay attention to? Join us as our panel of experts discusses the future of technology, the industries that are prime for disruption in 2022, the current technologies that are set to boom or bust and the art of investing in technology in the age of uncertainty.

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