Looking Ahead: The State of Software in 2022 | New York City

About this event

Software engineering has been gaining more traction these past couple of years with more and more people wanting to gain exposure and experience to coding and its various forms. Now more than ever, industries are benefiting from the use of code which helps propel businesses forward. With constant technological advancement, it’s normal to wonder what the state of software would be like in 2022.

Join us for this upcoming webinar to learn more about the changes taking place in the software industry. Hear expert opinions on: + Will the rise of low code/no code spell the end for software developers? + The top programming languages to pick up and learn for the upcoming 2022 trends + The hard and soft skills aspiring software engineers should equip themselves with to remain employable and competitive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Join us to have your pressing questions answered in this webinar!

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