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LinkedIn Marketing and Optimization for Consultants | Brisbane

About this workshop

If you’re a consultant, LinkedIn is THE platform to master in order to build a strong professional presence and consistently grow your business. With over 80% of Social Media generated B2B leads coming from LinkedIn, and an extremely easy way to reach your audience -- without paying for ads -- learning how to effectively leverage this platform could be vital to scaling your company. However, it can often be challenging to do so without feeling salesy or desperate.

During this class, you’ll discover how to effectively utilize LinkedIn without trying to keep up with complex algorithms or feeling like you’re wasting your time. You'll also learn how to effectively build your Personal Brand, allowing you to make a more genuine connection with your ideal clients.

Led by Terry Rice, Entrepreneur magazine's Business Development Expert-in-Residence.


  • Set up your LinkedIn profile for success, communicating why your audience would want to work with you and your company
  • Optimize the keywords in your title and bio to increase appearances for valuable search terms
  • Identify your ideal connections and connect effectively -- without paying for ads
  • Learn how automation can help you effectively reduce time input while maximizing effort -Create content -- as well as the associated content calendar -- that engages your audience and encourages meaningful interactions -Use LinkedIn as an ongoing networking and personal branding opportunity, while also measuring the impact

Prereqs & Preparation

A LinkedIn profile

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