Lead With Charisma – The Secret to Discovering Your Untapped Superpower

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Lead With Charisma – The Secret to Discovering Your Untapped Superpower | Perth

Past Locations for this Event

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Ever wondered how the sheer presence of a charismatic business leader can energise & rally those around them, making them willingly want to do more? Or heard a TED Talk and wondered "How do they do that?". How do charismatic speakers engage and enthrall an auditorium, with nothing but words and their presence?

The answer will often be charisma. Charisma is what Obama wielded in his speeches, which won him both elections and multiple standing ovations. Charisma captivates and inspires each individual out of the thousands present in the audience. It can help you connect with the audience at a personal level, as though they are the only ones present there.

Good news: It’s not a mystical art, it’s a skill that can be nurtured - and we’re going to teach you exactly how! Also, it’s not something that only Public Speakers, CEOs and politicians can use to their advantage. You too could write your own ‘charisma code’ and use it in your daily life to expand your influence and impact at your work place and beyond.

Anser is a Cambridge certified Executive Coach specialising in personal effectiveness and he will help you discover your very own untapped superpower to influence others. Join us in this event and uncover for yourself the priceless secrets of charisma.


  • Learn how to tap into your own ‘charisma reservoir’ and harness this magic skill for influencing
  • Identify & nurture ‘charisma keys’ that are unique to you
  • Practical ways to dial up your impact by honing your ‘charisma codes’
  • How to be your own charismatic best to influence others

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