Ladies Lounge: The State of Equal Pay

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Ladies Lounge: The State of Equal Pay | Miami

Past Locations for this Event

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As one of our favorite Bostonians once said, "She works hard for her money, so hard for it, honey." Sadly, no matter how hard we work, the wage gap still remains - but new policies might soon help change that in Massachusetts. Come learn about how these policies, improved negotiating skills, and company-led initiatives are combining to make the workforce more equal - in Boston and beyond.

Why it Matters This edition of Ladies Lounge is a special collaboration between Ladies Get Paid, General Assembly and Just Us Gals (JUGS). In July 2018, Massachusetts will enact landmark legislation to protect women in the workforce and move toward a more equitable future. What does this actually mean for us as career driven women? What will the biggest changes be and when will we see them take place? This event will encourage group dialogue and community. Chances are if you have a question, there is someone in the room who has an answer, or can at least guide you to it. The goal of the evening is to be a collective strategy session; we're here to help one another be better, stronger, and achieve our goals.


Our panel of cross-industry experts will: - share details of the Pay Equity bill - explain what it can mean for you as a new or continuing employee or hiring manager in MA - give strategies for advocating for your worth and getting paid what you deserve.

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