iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp

Past Locations for this Workshop

iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, or are interested in pursuing a career change, this five-day workshop is a great way to get started with iOS mobile development. Beginning with the basics, you’ll gain a solid foundation of coding programs, their tools, best practices, and libraries related to iOS development. Once you’ve established your newfound skills, you’ll participate in classwide implementations to practice what you’ve learned.


  • Learn the basics of the C and Objective-C programming language and object oriented programming.
  • Explore the X-Code interactive development environment. -Check for understanding and address real coding problems through in-class assignments.
  • Build out a dating application with special focus on Facebook and API integration.
  • Design patterns (MVC, object oriented programming).
  • Discover Cocoa Touch libraries and frameworks: Cocoa Touch, UlKit, Foundation, CoreData/Magical - - Record, Core Location, Quartz Core, Core Animation, social framework.
  • Practice debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Find out how to layout and implement a project.

Prereqs & Preparation

No prior knowledge of coding is expected or required.

Preparation: A Mac laptop is necessary with Mac OS X installed (at least version 10.7.4). Students must download X-Code 4.6 prior to the first class ( If students have trouble installing the software, please email the instructor prior to the classes. It is also recommended (but not required) that students download and install Git version control.

Students will need to install the command line tools found in the preferences sections of the X-Code program. Students wishing to deploy their finished application to their phone need to sign up for a developer license on the apple site (

It is also recommended that students sign up for a free Git account. Projects and material developed in class will be available for download through Git (

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