Introduction to Financial Modeling for Growth Bootcamp

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Introduction to Financial Modeling for Growth Bootcamp | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Learn why it is important to build a Financial Model, and what it can do for you Learn what the Income Statement and Balance Sheet are, and how they work together Learn the key components to building a structured and organized Financial Model How to Build in Depth Revenue Scenarios and link them into the big picture 30 Minute Excel Training Session How to Analyze, what does my model tell me about my business? Build your own Financial Model!


  • Understand in which situations a model will be a helpful tool to support decision making
  • Quickly build a basic model (financial or otherwise) using a simple 6 step process that ensures you “build it right” the first time
  • Apply model building “best practices” to reduce errors and improve usability of model
  • Understand and leverage models to apply basic analysis techniques (e.g., break even analysis, growth rate calculations, simple scenario analysis)

Prereqs & Preparation

Comfort with basic excel commands: "if" statements, copy and paste, addition, subtraction. If you need to brush up on Excel "if" statements, check out this article:

Students will need to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel to class.

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