Intro to Visual Design | APAC Livestream

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Intro to Visual Design | APAC Livestream | Online

Online Campus


About this event

This class is for anyone looking to get a better idea of visual design. It's perfect for User Experience Designers looking to get more of a background on Visual Design or Digital Marketers interested in learning visual design essentials to create own ads and marketing collateral.


Chart your own career path

Pick up where this workshop leaves off. Dive into the fundamentals in our eight-week online Visual Design course.


  • A vocabulary for critique and communicating visual problems and solutions.
  • Understand the purpose of visual design and the value it brings to the overall experience.
  • Provide a background of key visual design elements and components.

Prereqs & Preparation

This is a class for beginners; no prior knowledge is required.



  • This bootcamp is taken completely online.
  • We will provide a link to the platform on the day of the session.
  • You will need a computer and a strong internet connection.

If you sign up and do not receive an email with the link to the platform within one hour of the session, please reach out to

Note: This instance is schedule for our Asia Pacific metros, and may take place at an unusual time for your metro.

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