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Intro to Javascript | Livestream

Intro to Javascript | Livestream | Hong Kong

About this event

Dive into the world of programming head first with one of the most popular programming languages. The Intro to Javascript livestream will get you up and running with the core concepts of the Javascript language and empower you to continue your programming journey. During the livestream we will learn about the fundamentals of Javascript including variables, functions, data types and begin working with the DOM.


Understand the core concepts of the Javascript programming languages from functions to variables to events. Learn what role Javascript plays in front end development. Gain the ability to use Javascript with HTML & CSS to create an interactive web page. Empower yourself to continue learning Javascript with the right tools and base to begin your journey.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Basic technical aptitude and orientation to computers, and curiosity to learn new tools.
  • CodePen account
  • Atom Text Editor
  • Terminal

NOTE: A small percentage of participants may not receive emails from us due to some domains blocking our automated emails. If you do not receive sign in instructions within 1 hour of the livestream, please email and someone from our team will be sure to respond to you with sign in instructions right away.

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