Into The Unknown: Kickstarting Your Tech Career After 30

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Into The Unknown: Kickstarting Your Tech Career After 30 | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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Contrary to popular belief, tech is NOT a young people’s game. No matter your age, you absolutely still have time to start a fulfilling and lucrative career in tech.

Having said that, it is perfectly normal to be intimidated by the idea of breaking into a whole new industry slightly later in life. You might worry about being back at square one career-wise, not knowing how to get started in a new field or come up with the time and money to learn the skills you need, feeling self-doubt and confronting age discrimation in the tech workplace. These are all valid fears but by no means should you let them stop you before you even start.

Join us for this session as we bring together a great panel of both tech recruiters as well as professionals who have gone through a career change to break into tech past 30. They will debunk the notion that tech is exclusive to young professionals, share tips on how to navigate this scene and how you can successfully break into tech.

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