[IN-PERSON] Psychology & Copywriting: Web Content That Converts

Past Locations for this Class

[IN-PERSON] Psychology & Copywriting: Web Content That Converts | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Do you struggle to write web pages, emails, blogs and other digital copy that grabs and holds attention? Are you having trouble convincing online visitors and leads to say “Yes!” at the final step?

The key to writing web copy that connects and sells is understanding psychological triggers - how people think, behave and make choices when they’re reading your messages.

In this 2-hour workshop we’ll:

  • peek inside the human brain to see what people think and feel when they’re engaging with web content.
  • look at tested and proven psychology triggers you can use in your copy to persuade more people to buy or take other actions you desire.


You’ll learn how to use psychological triggers to:

  • sell without sounding like a used car salesman
  • connect with different emotional needs
  • capture and hold interest in your messages
  • gain the trust of your audience
  • overcome potential customer objections
  • encourage more action e.g. buying, joining, etc

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