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Are you using Slack, but feel like you need a quick crash course on how to use this powerful platform? This workshop will bridge the gap between your current usage of Slack and how experts use it, especially in today's WFH environment. Students should come to class with some familiarity with Slack or have used Slack in a workplace setting (although not required). The hope is to immediately incorporate certain examples from the workshop into your Slack work environment. Specifically, we'll go over ways to categorize & find information, minimize a "noisy" Slack, and keep engagement high as office work becomes more remote.


  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of Slack
  • Channel strategy
  • Tactics on keeping the noise down
  • Prevent missing out on key information
  • Slack etiquette
  • Cool tips and tricks


  • How to receive Slack notifications on key words and actions
  • Develop a strategy to minimize or suppress unwanted notifications
  • Simplify your Slack layout including your channel pane
  • How to create and manage a "distro" in Slack using user groups
  • Learn how to setup various reminders
  • Use key integrations such as Outlook or Google calendar
  • Learn key shortcuts

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