Imposter Syndrome Is Cancelled

Imposter Syndrome Is Cancelled | Miami

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The well-known phenomenon "Imposter Syndrome" has shifted our lives through different stages yet in various ways. It could’ve been a familiar encounter or a foreign one. The imposter phenomenon was introduced in 1978 by Pauline R. Clance and Dr. Suzanne A. Imes. It was based on a study of High Achieving Women. Today, impostor syndrome can apply to anyone who isn’t able to internalize and own their successes.

With numerous studies behind why it exists, the different layers to its existence, and how to combat it, we have been reintroducing imposter syndrome in different forms before it even appears. Thoughts are powerful and can be influenced by many facets of life.

Join us for a listening soul session as we demystify the definition of imposter syndrome to reveal the truths behind influence, thoughts, and manifestation.

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