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Hustle Culture: Why The Grind Must Stop | Washington, D.C.

About this event

Who are you without the doing? As the pandemic grounds on, productivity slowly becomes a core part of our identity. With life taking place largely indoors, the boundaries between work and life start to blur. All of a sudden, many people are feeling the pressure to maximise their day.

The desire to be productive is the norm for many of us, as we try to make something positive out of a jarring and incredibly stressful situation. However, this obsession with setting unrealistic goals for yourself to be a true “hustler” and beating yourself up when you can’t achieve them can have adverse effects on one’s mental health.

The pandemic has definitely fueled a productivity shaming culture but each of us has the power to speak up and slow down or even eradicate this toxic culture. Join us as our experts discuss what is productivity shame, notice the signs of productivity shame, and share tips on how to overcome it.

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