How Will The Role Of Product Managers Change In 2030?

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How Will The Role Of Product Managers Change In 2030? | Perth

Past Locations for this Event

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With the increase in multi-skilled roles and evolving job descriptions, new titles like Product Designer or Product Marketing Manager have started to emerge as in-demand roles. Roles in product have a projected job demand growth from 10-20% over the next 5 years.

So how do these roles differ and what does this mean for the future of product managers?

In this session, we'll take you through where the future of product role.

You’ll learn, - The evolution of product management - How to bring your set of expertise to the role - Critical tools needed by all PMs - Learn the differentiators and their evolving significance in the workplace

If you’re currently in product management, this is a great session to see where your role could potentially take you. If you’re thinking about a career in product, we’ll help smooth any concerns about making the shift.

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