How We Got There: STEM Leaders

How We Got There: STEM Leaders | Brisbane

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This event is part of How We Got There, a FREE virtual event series celebrating outstanding female leaders, innovators, and trailblazers across various industries. Head to the site to see the full schedule!

While the proportion of women pursuing university degrees in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) has been increasing, there still exists a gender imbalance in the STEM workforce, with only 30% of local researchers and engineers being female. This can be attributed to what is known as the "leaky pipeline" of science, which means women who pursued STEM degrees do not end up going on to pursue careers in related fields. One of the most commonly-stated reasons behind this is the biases and stereotypes that are stacked against women in this field.

To overcome this and encourage more women to pursue a career in STEM, it is vital that role models in the industry are made visible to educate people, especially women, to recognise and move past their own biases.

We’re gathering a panel of leading women in STEM to share their motivations to work in science, personal career paths, organizational policies and practices that facilitated their success and career advice for future leaders.

This event series is of course open to all genders — anyone who supports the careers of women in business and tech is welcome to attend.

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