How We Got There: Design Leaders

How We Got There: Design Leaders | Edinburgh

About this event

This event is part of How We Got There, a FREE virtual event series celebrating outstanding female leaders, innovators, and trailblazers across various industries. Head to the site to see the full schedule!

As a relatively new field, UX welcomes professionals with really diverse backgrounds, from graphic design to data science to psychology. This might help to explain the high numbers of women in UX who may have transitioned from more female dominated industries. While UX design outperforms most other areas of the tech industry in terms of gender equality, there are still few women at the very top level of UX.

Women designers aren’t getting the same recognition as their male counterparts, nor the same opportunities for progression and promotion—in part because they have so few role models in those positions. It’s high time we shine the spotlight on women design leaders paving the way for future generations of designers.

Join us to hear women design leaders who are killing it in their careers discuss their paths to UX success, what an average day looks like, the design projects they’ve spearheaded and trends and opportunities in this field.

This event series is of course open to all genders — anyone who supports the careers of women in business and tech is welcome to attend.

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